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By Gwylym Owen

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Stepan Fedorovitch Kolesnikoff (Russian: Степан Федорович Колесников, 1879, Russian Empire – 1955, Belgrade, Yugoslavia), was a distinguished Realist painter, born in Russia who worked most of his excitement in Serbia.

Kolesnikoff was born in a peasant family in the southern province of the Russian Empire. His artistic potentials were approved early. In 1897 he started attending an art college in Odessa, one of the topmost of its kind in the country. In 1903, Kolesnikoff was in style into the Imperial Academy of Arts, where his paintings regularly won prizes in the annual Spring exhibitions.

His prolific produce an effect in oil and especially in gouache won him the highest regard from the foremost Russian artist of his morning Ilya Repin, as evidenced from the contents of their correspondence, now in the Russian archives.

In 1919 he and his intimates emigrated to the Balkans, and in 1920 he granted in Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, (Yugoslavia after 1929) where he spent the on fire of his liveliness as an immigrant. Kolesnikoff was promptly welcomed in the royal court of his extra country. Among others, he was truth a own up assignment to gain the restoration works upon numerous paintings and frescoes.

For the last twelve years of his life, Kolesnikoff suffered from Parkinson’s’ disease. His remains are buried in the Russian Necropolis, a section of the Belgrade New Cemetery.

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