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Suzanne Duchamp-Crotti (20 October 1889 – 11 September 1963) was a French Dadaist painter, collagist, sculptor, and draughtsman. Her accomplish was significant to the progress of Paris Dada and modernism and her drawings and collages explore fascinating gender dynamics. Due to the fact that she was a woman in the male prominent Dada movement, she was rarely considered an performer in her own right. She forever lived in the shadows of her famous older brothers, who were next artists, or she was referred to as “the wife of.” Her deed in painting turns out to be significantly influential to the landscape of Dada in Paris and to the interests of women in Dada. She took a large role as an militant artist, working through a career that spanned five decades, during a turbulent get older of good societal change. She used her play to express certain subject business such as personal concerns about innovative society, her role as a modern woman artist, and the effects of the First World War. Her play-act often weaves painting, collage, and language together in complex ways.

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