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Tadeusz Popiel (1863, Szczucin – 22 February 1913, Kraków) was a Polish painter, known for his religious and historical scenes; especially his work upon several famous panoramas. His brother was the sculptor, Antoni Popiel.

He was born to a associates of the youngster nobility and began his studies at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts afterward Władysław Łuszczkiewicz and Leopold Loeffler. He progressive studied composition in the spread of Jan Matejko, who became his patron; then continued in Vienna and Munich. After his studies were completed, he travelled extensively whatever through the 1890s, visiting Denmark, Italy, Romania and Russia, among further places. He moreover exhibited widely, winning medals at the Exposition Universelle (1889) and the California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894.

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His major works of this epoch included decorations at the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua (the upshot of winning a competition) and at theaters in Lwów. He also expected murals, frescoes and stained glass windows for churches and supplementary public buildings throughout Poland. Later, he standard a drawing instructor and was one of the founders of the Society of Artists in Poznań.

At various times, he lived in Kraków, Lwów and Chernivtsi. During his superior years, he spent most of his become old in Swoszowice, where he had his studio, and increasingly turned to landscapes. By the times of his death, his doing was considered to be outmoded and he is chiefly remembered for the law he did upon several panoramas produced by Jan Styka; such as the Racławice Panorama and the Transylvania Panorama.

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