22 facts about Tanya Myshkin

Tanya Myshkin (born 21 August 1961) is an Australian printmaker, born in Adelaide, South Australia but primarily based in Canberra. She is primarily known for her engraving and printmaking works, such as June Lombard, and Dried Mouse. Much of her enactment is centred concerning the Australian landscape and culture, and based on Australian textiles such as Eucalyptus Camaldulensis.

Her works have been shown in major galleries including the National Gallery of Australia, and her livres d’artiste have been acquired by the British Library, Queensland State Library and the Australian National University Library.

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Myshkin attended the Canberra School of Art from 1989, studying under Gillian Mann and Jorg Schmeisser. In 1996 she was an Artist in Residence in the Edition and Artist Book Studio bearing in mind Dianne Fogwell and Petr Herel.

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