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The aurochs (Bos primigenius) ( or /ˈrɒks/), also known as aurochsen, urus or ure, is a species of large wild cattle that inhabited Asia, Europe and North Africa. While the wild subspecies, including the nominal subspecies Bos primigenius primigenius is extinct, extant domestic cattle are considered subspecies of aurochs. Further freshening and use of the term “aurochs” in this article, for simplicity, refer abandoned to the extinct wild subspecies unless then again specified. Bos primigenius primigenius survived in Europe until 1627, when the last recorded aurochs died in the Jaktorów Forest in Poland.

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During the Neolithic Revolution, which occurred during the yet to be Holocene, at least two aurochs domestication activities occurred: one joined to the Indian subspecies, B. p. namadicus leading to zebu cattle, and the new related to the Eurasian subspecies Bos p. primigenius, leading to taurine cattle. Other species of wild bovines were as a consequence domesticated, namely the wild water buffalo (Bubalus arnee), gaur (Bos gaurus), wild yak (Bos mutus), and banteng (Bos javanicus). In highly developed cattle, many breeds share characteristics of the aurochs, such as a dark colour in the bulls, with a light eel stripe along the back (the cows subconscious a lighter colour), or an aurochs-like horn shape.

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