Who is Wáng Fú?

Wang Fu (Chinese: 王符; pinyin: Wáng Fú) (about 82 AD-167 AD[citation needed]), courtesy name Jiexin (simplified Chinese: 节信; traditional Chinese: 節信; pinyin: Jiéxìn), was a Chinese historian, poet, and philosopher during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Born in Gansu Province, Wang Fu was a scholarly and knowledgeable man of mortify birth. Once he was discriminated by fellow villagers in teens and was difficult not recommended to the Court as a meting out official. There is Tiny information left very nearly him, but his deserted masterpiece, Qianfu Lun, is a most critical source. Nowadays, scholars have begun to improve importance to him, but the scrutiny is confined by the nonexistence of historical records.

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