8 facts about Wáng Méng

Wang Meng (Chinese: 王猛; pinyin: Wáng Měng; 325–375), courtesy name Jinglüe (景略), formally Marquess Wu of Qinghe (清河武侯), served as prime minister to the Former Qin emperor Fu Jiān in the fourth century. Under his governance, Fu Jiān’s empire expanded from encompassing solitary most of Shaanxi, eastern Gansu, and extreme western Shanxi and Henan, to covering nearly anything of then-Chinese territory north of the Huai River and the southwest. He is commonly regarded as one of the greatest statesmen in Chinese history. Wang Meng is depicted in the Wu Shuang Pu (無雙譜, Table of Peerless Heroes) by Jin Guliang.

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