5 facts about Wáng Zhènpéng

By Gwylym Owen

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Wang Zhenpeng (simplified Chinese: 王振鹏; traditional Chinese: 王振鵬; pinyin: Wáng Zhènpéng; Wade–Giles: Wang Chên-p’êng); was a Chinese landscape painter who worked in the imperial court during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). His specific dates of birth and death are not known, though he was alert 1280-1329.

Wang was born in Yongjia in the Zhejiang province. His style publish was ‘Pengmei’ (朋梅) and his nom de plume was ‘Guyun chushi’ (孤雲處士). Wang’s painting of landscapes and follow in the style of Li Gongling in their ease and grace of appearance. His architecture drawings were mostly uncolored, in a fineline style known as ‘jiehua’ (界畫).

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