Who is Willem Augustin van Minderhout?

Willem Augustin van Minderhout (1680–1752) worked/lived in Belgium. Willem Augustin van Minderhout [1] (Antwerp, baptized 29 August 1680 – Riflemen, 31 May 1752), was a Flemish painter. Van Minderhout was born in Antwerp to Hendrick van Minderhout and his father’s second wife, Anna Victoria Claus. After studying and working in Antwerp, later in his career he moved to Moravia, which is now in the Czech Republic.

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After training and working in Antwerp, he moved to an area of Moravia which is now in the Czech Republic. He is known for his architectural paintings with figures enjoying themselves inside church interiors dancing, masquerading and new forms of entertainment. He might have also painted some marine scenes, which was a specialty of his father.

Willem Augustin van Minderhout Masquerade I
Willem Augustin van Minderhout Masquerade I

His father was a Dutch-born marine painter who worked mainly in the Flemish cities of Bruges and Antwerp. His work gravitates towards impressionism and symbolism and becomes the basis of expressionism. In the Czech Republic, he became famous after the exhibition of 1905, which inspired the Osma art group. He married Marie Jacqueline Whitlock, daughter of Willem Whitlock, who in his day was a famous spire builder.

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