This is Wú Zhèn

Wu Zhen (fl. 11th century), courtesy name Tingzhen, was a Song dynasty historian from Chengdu who wrote 2 books enumerating mistakes found in New Book of Tang and Historical Records of the Five Dynasties, both history books by Ouyang Xiu (Ouyang had several co-authors with New Book of Tang). As barbed out in the 18th-century Siku Quanshu, Wu Zhen was “inclined to criticise for the sake of criticism”.

Although he apparently wrote additional works (including a monograph upon the Five Dynasties epoch Later Liang dynasty), Wu Zhen’s without help 2 remaining books are:

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Both were published after Ouyang Xiu’s death in 1072. In the first book’s preface, Wu Zhen blasted the New Book of Tang as the worst official history scrap book ever written.

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