20 facts about Xia Gui

Xia Gui (simplified Chinese: 夏珪; traditional Chinese: 夏圭; Wade–Giles: Hsia Kui; fl. 1195–1224), courtesy name Yuyu (禹玉), was a Chinese landscape painter of the Song dynasty. Very little is known virtually his life, and only a few of his works survive, but he is generally considered one of China’s greatest artists. He continued the tradition of Li Tang, further simplifying the earlier Song style to reach a more immediate, striking effect. Together afterward Ma Yuan, he founded the so-called Ma-Xia (馬夏) school, one of the most important of the period.

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Although Xia was popular during his lifetime, his reputation suffered after his death, together later than that of all Southern Song academy painters. Nevertheless, a few artists, including the Japanese master Sesshū, continued Xia’s tradition for hundreds of years, until the prematurely 17th century.

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