Who is Xiàng Shèngmó?

Xiang Shengmo (simplified Chinese: 项圣谟; traditional Chinese: 項聖謨; pinyin: Xiàng Shèngmó; Wade–Giles: Hsiang Sheng-mo); (1597–1658) was a noted Chinese painter in the Ming Dynasty. He was a indigenous of Xiushui (now Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province).

His courtesy broadcast was Kongzhang (孔彰) and his art names were Yi’an (易庵), and Xushan Qiao (胥山樵). He was the grandson of the good painting-collector Xiang Yuanbian (項元汴). Xiang’s painting followed the style of Wen Zhengming. Xiang specialized in landscapes and flowers in the same way as an elegant taste.

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