11 facts about Zhou Shuxi

Zhou Shuxi (Chinese: 周淑禧; pinyin: Zhōu Shūxǐ; Wade–Giles: Chou Shu-hsi; 1624–1705) was a female Chinese painter in Qing Dynasty. She was a original of Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, and the second daughter of Zhou Rongqi. Her sobriquet was ‘Lady on the River’ (Chinese: 江上女士; pinyin: Jiāngshang nǚshì).

Zhou studious painting along gone her sister Zhou Shuhu from her father. Of their produce an effect Jiang Shaoshu wrote in Wusheng Shi Shi (History of Wordless Poetry) that they were “celebrated for their superb painting skills and good at painting flowers, insects and birds. In their works, lines are so thin and cursive that they see like silk produced by silkworm in spring even if colors are competent and excitement is vivid.”

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Jiang continued in describing some of Zhou’s extra works: “She was also gifted in painting Buddha statues gone solemn and dignified bearing and sometimes painted horses of extra regions next exquisite dots and washes and meticulous composition.”

Married Huang of her hometown.

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