Chen Peiqiu: 15 interesting facts

Chen Peiqiu (29 December 1922 – 26 June 2020) was a Chinese calligrapher and guohua painter, often acclaimed as the foremost Chinese girl painter. She and her husband Xie Zhiliu were one of the most well-known couples in Chinese visual arts. The organization of Shanghai opened a museum in Nanhui New City dedicated to them.

The exhibition, which features about 45 ink paintings created by Chen Peiqiu, is at the Zenith Art Center. The current exhibition includes more than 160 works, including images of figures, birds and flowers, landscapes and animals. An exhibition featuring a group of ink drawings and calligraphy works created by Chen Peiqiu is also on display at the Shanghai Power Long Art Center.

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An art museum named after Chinese landscape painters Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu. She and her husband Xie Zhiyu are one of the most famous couples in the Chinese visual arts scene. He studied under Qian Mingshan (1875-1944) in his youth, and later became interested in the art of Chen Hongshou (1599-1652).

His ancestral home is Changzhou, Jiangsu. She is a calligrapher, painter, art historian, and an authenticator of ancient calligraphy and painting. Chen Peiqiu, female, born in February 1923, is a native of Nanyang, Henan. Mrs. Chen Peiqiu’s attainments in flowers, birds, landscapes, brushstrokes and calligraphy have reached a very high level, and is known as the pillow of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Chen Peiqiu is an adjunct professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, a member of the China Artists Association, an art advisor of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, an art advisor of the Shanghai Artists Association, a director of the Calligraphers Association of the Shanghai Artists Association, and a director of the Xiling Society. Seal Society.

Chen specializes in Chinese painting, especially landscapes, flowers and birds, but she is also interested in Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. She carefully studied the figurative elements of traditional Chinese painting, using thin lines, traditional brush and ink, and the colors of Western painting to describe the texture, volume and dynamics of the scenery. In Chen Peiqiu’s mature works, the influence of Western art and invention is evident in landscape painting and the use of color. The architectural layout is inspired by learning traditional painting techniques and understanding classical Chinese art.

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Mounts create the illusion that the finished print is floating above the wall. Glossy acrylic panels complement the rich colors of the prints for stunning results that almost burst with color.

Quite often, 39 times, the lot of the artist Peiqiu Chen was sold at an auction house in Hong Kong SAR. In total there are 98 lots on Peiqiu Chen.

Born into an illiterate family from Shanghai to Taiwan, she studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels before immigrating to the United States where she studied painting at the University of California. In the 1970s, she wrote articles on art history for Taiwanese publications. Therefore, she undertook to copy paintings with flowers and birds of that period. She modeled the style of the Song Academy (960–1279) in bird and flower paintings, and developed what became known as the new Xuanhe style (named after the reign of the Song emperor, known for his patronage of the arts).

Chinese painting gives the impression that what you understand but cannot find words to describe is more important than this form. Chen Peiqiu, a Chinese calligrapher and Chinese painting artist, is often called an outstanding Chinese artist.

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