Image of Franciszek Żmurko

This is Franciszek Żmurko

Franciszek Żmurko (18 July 1859, Lviv – 9 October 1910, Warsaw) was a Polish realist painter. Żmurko began drawing lessons as a young boy in his hometown taking into account the painter Franciszek Tepa. As an adolescent he relocated to Kraków to examination at the Academy of Fine Arts where he took lessons from Professor …

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Chen Peiqiu: 15 interesting facts

Chen Peiqiu (29 December 1922 – 26 June 2020) was a Chinese calligrapher and guohua painter, often acclaimed as the foremost Chinese girl painter. She and her husband Xie Zhiliu were one of the most well-known couples in Chinese visual arts. The organization of Shanghai opened a museum in Nanhui New City dedicated to them. …

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Image of Ludwig von Hofmann

Ludwig von Hofmann: 15 cool facts

Ludwig von Hofmann (17 August 1861, Darmstadt – 23 August 1945, Pillnitz) was a German painter, graphic player and designer. He worked in a captivation of the Art Nouveau and Symbolist styles. His perform was allocation of the painting matter in the art competition at the 1928 Summer Olympics. Ludwig Von Hofmann Ludwig von Hofmann …

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Image of Joachim Martin Falbe

Joachim Martin Falbe: 22 cool facts

Joachim Martin Falbe (11 June 1709 – 22 March 1782) was a German portrait painter. Born in Berlin in 1709, Falbe was instructed at first by Harper and progressive by A. Pesne. At Pesne’s counsel Falbe was appointed court painter of Prince August Ludwig von Anhalt-Köthen in 1739. Several etchings based upon Rembrandt’s paintings, or …

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19 facts about Abraham Bosschaert

Abraham Bosschaert the Younger (II.) (1612–1643) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Bosschaert was born in Middelburg. According to the RKD, he was a supporter of the Bosschaert dynasty. Like his father Ambrosius Bosschaert and older brothers, he signed his works gone a monogram; AB, but this was forlorn discovered in 1992. His older brothers …

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Who is Hilde Goldschmidt?

Hilde Goldschmidt (7 September 1897 -7 August 1980) was a German expressionist painter and printmaker. Facing persecution under the Nazi regime she sought refuge in Britain during the Second World War since establishing herself in Austria in the 1950s. Goldschmidt was born in Leipzig into a middle-class Jewish family who had several artistic connections. The …

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