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Esteban March (c,1610, Valencia – c.1668, Valencia) was a Spanish Baroque painter. Most of what is known roughly his energy comes from writings by Antonio Palomino, who lived slightly later.

His works may be compared, stylistically, to those of Pedro Orrente, which suggests that he may have studied following him during Orrente’s stay in Valencia (1638-1645). A depiction of Moses crossing the Red Sea, at the Museo del Prado, which incorporates numerous figures and detailed animals, appears to owe a special debt to Orrente’s style.

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Palomino indicates that he had a violent and extravagant temperament; based on anecdotes told by Juan Conchillos, one of his more prominent students. Some of this aggressive, nervous tone is reflected in his fight paintings, which are his best known and most admired works. It is said that he had to fake himself into a fury gone martial music before arrival to paint. His raptness in battlefields is as well as reflected in his paintings of Biblical scenes; notably two at the Museu de Belles Arts de València, which depict Joshua Stopping the Sun and the Triumph of David. There is as well as some indication that he was aware with the works of Italian battle painters, such as Aniello Falcone, Salvator Rosa and Antonio Tempesta.

His religious works supplement a Last Supper in the communion chapel at the Iglesia de los Santos Juanes [es] and a Calvary, in a private collection in Madrid. Again, his style owes much to Orrente.

His drawings are then significant. These swell a self-portrait, a portrait of his son, Miguel [es], and several studies of hands and knees from the accrual of Raimon Casellas [ca].

Although Palomino gives his year of death as 1660, he is referred to as nevertheless being stimulate in writings by José García Hidalgo, who visited Valencia in 1662 and 1667 and probably met in the same way as him.

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