Eugenio Lucas Villaamil: life and works

Eugenio Lucas Villaamil, sometimes called “The Younger” (14 January 1858 – 23 January 1918) was a Spanish costumbrista painter. Many of his works were painted in the style of Francisco de Goya; and the attributions are sometimes confused.

He was born in Madrid. Although the circumstances surrounding his identity and legitimacy were later than quite uncertain, it is now definitely that he was the true son of the painter, Eugenio Lucas Velázquez and his wife, Francisca, the youngest sister of Jenaro Pérez Villaamil. His first art lessons were in his father’s studio and his formal studies were at the “Escuela Especial de Pintura de Madrid”. He made his début at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts hastily after graduating.

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His paintings always showed the distress of his father. He specialized in Aragonese themes; notably in his bullfight scenes which were often unquestionably ornate. Traditional costumbrista scenes of Madrid, featuring luminous majas and chisperos, were in addition to one of his fortés and were extremely popular. Many of his to come works were 18th century tableaus.

He made copies of many of Goya’s paintings, from the Museo del Prado and the private gathering of José Lázaro Galdiano. He furthermore painted frescoes in Galdiano’s home, which is now a museum. In addition, he was popular as a portrait painter in the middle of the bourgeoisie and, in contrast to his costumbrista works, also provided them considering scenes from tall society; often with a Parisian flavor.

Despite his popularity and his beast awarded the Order of Charles III,[citation needed] he never quite emerged from the shadow of his father. In fact, some of his works were mistakenly credited to his father and are nevertheless in the process of physical properly identified. He died in Madrid, aged 60.

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