19 facts about Nikolaos Koutouzis

Nikolaos Koutouzis (Greek: Νικόλαος Κουτούζης; 1741 – 1813) also known as Koutousis. He was a Greek painter, poet and priest. He was portion of the Heptanese School but furthermore a enthusiast of the Modern Greek Enlightenment in art. His studious was famous painter Nikolaos Doxaras. Nikolaos’s daddy Panagiotis Doxaras was the founder of the Greek Rocco and a theoretical painter. Koutouzis has 136 paintings credited to him. He was one of the last Greek painters to incorporate the Venetian style during its halt due to the drop of the Republic of Venice. Greek art began to take a life of its own and artists began to emulate each other. Famous painter Nikolaos Kantounis was as a consequence a prolific member of the outfit of outstanding Greek painters. Koutouzis taught famous painter Nikolaos Kantounis. Some of his outstanding works emulate Koutouzis. Both artists were portrait painters.

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