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Fei Danxu (simplified Chinese: 费丹旭; traditional Chinese: 費丹旭; pinyin: Fèi Dānxù; Wade–Giles: Fei Tan-hsü; 1801–1850) was an itinerant Chinese painter during the Qing Dynasty.

Fei’s courtesy broadcast was Zitiao (子苕), and his art names were Xiaolou (晓楼) and Huanxisheng (环溪生). A future pseudonym was Ouweng (偶翁). He was a indigenous of Wucheng (乌程 – now Wuxing, Zhejiang).

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Fei began painting as soon as he was utterly young in Wucheng. He future traveled throughout Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to practiced his art. He is most noted for his paintings of beautiful women. Among his paintings of beautiful women is “Twelve Beauties of Jinling,” which features twelve of the major female characters in the novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

He was often allied with the painter Gai Qi in what was known as the “Gai Fei” school. Fei’s younger brother Dancheng, as competently as his sons and grandsons, continued the tradition of painting beautiful women, as did Gai Qi’s grandson.

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