Who is Hans Larwin?

Hans Larwin was a Viennese genre painter, he was a realistic artist who lived for 65 years. He was born in Vienna, Austria on the 6th of November 1813 and died on the 17 of November 1938.

Hans Larwin was the son of bookbinder Johann Larwin and his wife Karoline. He studied at a kunstgewerbeschule (Austrian Vocational Arts School) in Vienna, and he also studied from 1889 at the Academy of Fine Arts. He studied under many artists such as Christian Griepenkerl in 1891, and from 1893 with August Eisenmenger, and from 1894 with Kazimierz Pochwalski.

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Hans Larwin was known mainly as a genre painter of the Viennese suburbs and scenes from the viennese national life, but also created portraits. His favorite techniques were oil and pastel painting.

Around 1900, Larwin undertook numerous study trips to Rome, Munich, Paris, and the Netherlands. In 1902 he became a member of the Vienna Kunstlerhaus gallery, and had his first exhibitions there. He was also a member of the “Alte Welt”.

Hans Larwin’s work has been offered at auctions multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 375 USD to 4,797 USD, the prices differ depending on the value of the artwork.

Larwin lived in America from 1922 till 1924. During that time, he exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Palette and Chisel club as well as in venues in Memphis and Milwaukee. He sold several paintings while living in America. Oil on canvas over board was applied as a media to artworks by Larwin.

Hans Larwin was also a member of the Old World Artist’s Association. During the First World War, Larwin applied for admission as a war painter to the Imperial and Royal War Press Office for the Austria-Hungary dual Monarchy. From August 18, 1917 to November 1918, with the rank of Oberleutnant, he worked artistically on various fronts. Some of his works from this period are now in the collections of the Military History Museum in Vienna.

After staying in chicago between 1922 and 1924, Larwin lived between 1925 and 1927 on Slovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia.

Hans Larwin was also a university lecturer. In 1927 he returned to Vienna, where he became professor and director of the general painting school at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1930. He also taught at the Higher Graphic Federal Institute of Education and Research.

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Larwin’s patrons were Jenny Motner and her husband Isidor Motner, the owners of Marienthal Textile Factory.

During his life Hans Larwin received many awards for his art some of which are:

  • The Rompreis ( a state travel scholarship) in 1898
  • The Little Golden State Medal; for his oil painting (Branntweiner) in 1907
  • The Imperial Prize; for his oil painting Sonntagabend in Neustift (Sunday evening in Neustift) in 1908
  • The Archduke Carl Ludwig Medal; for his oil painting Beim Heurigen in 1910
  • The Great Golden State Medal; for his oil painting Wiener Stadtratssitzung under Lueger in 1913
  • The Friedrich Dobner of the Dobenau Prize; for his oil painting Nach Der Assanierung in Erdberg in 1914
  • The prize of the city of Vienna in 1915
  • The state prize in 1926
  • The Reichel prize in 1927
  • The Larwingasse in the 22nd municipal district of Donnaustadt was named after him in 1953

Hans Larwin (December 6, 1873 – 17 November 1938) was a Viennese genre painter and academician.

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