17 facts about Jan Linsen

Jan Linsen (Hoorn, 1602 or 1603 – Hoorn, May 26, 1635) was a Dutch painter of mythological and historical themes.

Jan Linsen travelled in France and Italy upon a Grand Tour, and in Rome he became a zealot of the painters’ circle known as the Bentvueghels, with the nickname Hermafrodito. While upon a ship bound homewards from Italy, he was captured by Moorish pirates. He was ransomed for 20 pieces of silver, which was paid by his company. He progressive painted a scene of this lawsuit that still hung in Hoorn in the freshen of Arnold Houbraken was writing. He died young, according to Houbraken, due to an to-do in a bar, where he was stabbed to death by a man whom he claimed to have loved and forgave past he died of the wound.

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