Joachim Martin Falbe: 22 cool facts

Joachim Martin Falbe (11 June 1709 – 22 March 1782) was a German portrait painter.

Born in Berlin in 1709, Falbe was instructed at first by Harper and progressive by A. Pesne. At Pesne’s counsel Falbe was appointed court painter of Prince August Ludwig von Anhalt-Köthen in 1739.

Several etchings based upon Rembrandt’s paintings, or in the master’s style, are approved to him. Some extant copies are signed later Falbe’s monogram have survived. In 1764 he was elected a enthusiast of the Academy at Berlin, in which city he died in 1782.

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Falbey studied first with Harper and then with A. Song. German historian Arthur Kuehler surveyed the Prussian court of Frederick the Great, who reigned from 1740 to 1786, as well as that of Frederick’s court painter and Song student Joachim Martin Falbey. French painter Antoine Pesnet. Joachim Martin Falbe (1709-1782, 1755-1770) painted this portrait in Berlin. He attributes it to the best pupil of Pesnes (written communication) about Achim Martin Falbey.

Frederick was a close friend of artists such as Voltaire and Karl-Philippe Emmanuel Bach (son of Johann Sebastian Bach). The monarch is often referred to as gay by his peers and, more recently, by scientists and historians.

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