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Loui Jover (born April 1967) is an Australian painter and artist. He was born in Serbia but moved to Australia aged 1 where he grew up. He is known for his artwork in ink wash paintings upon vintage compilation pages. Jover started his work on art in his childhood, but did not Begin public art until 1989, when he allied the Australian army as an illustrator and photographer.

He enjoys working with used sheets of paper, which he assembles into one large canvas, on which he writes in ink, oil and tempera. He sometimes uses book pages in a combination of text, painting and collage. Today Louis Jover is a world-renowned and sought-after artist, whose work is highly valued all over the world.

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In his work, he uses a wide range of different materials and techniques to find new means of expression. Interestingly, when choosing the pages of the book, Jover does not explicitly refer to them with the illustration. A recent example is a group of series that includes, among others, ink drawings of book pages, deconstructed collages, mixed media drawings and paintings, pop art, urban and urban scenes, and even digital works.

Louis has international followers today, including the Malaysian royal family, the Hollywood Stafford brothers, Sir Ronald Arkulli, Roberto V. Ongpin, Deutsche Bank and Qantas; and his work is on display on the Internet (Bluethumb and Saatchi Art) for all to see. Jover began painting at an early age and never stopped pursuing his artistic dream during his youth, when most of his peers gave up artistic endeavors to pursue other interests.

First of all, Louis likes to use ink on glued old book paper. His work has also been reprinted in books and other periodicals. Louis Jover’s artistic style is unique, with a fresh, modern and even classic style. He mainly likes to use ink on paper, but he is also good at oil painting and acrylic resin, and likes to create and use collages.

Jover spent time filling cartoon books, drawings and many ideas, and as his imagination grew, his ability to use different types of media to create beautiful works of art also increased. After leaving the army, he still continues to paint as an original artist. Jover says that he was very inspired by his father, also artistic, and Pablo Picasso, and always had a passion for art.

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After studying graphics and visual communication, Jover started his own graphic business for a while, but soon realized that he had a free soul and wanted to create art that would not be custom-made and limited. Louis Jover is an artist based in Queensland, Australia with his family. He’s quoted as saying “I find it a little funny that people believe because you are driven by creativity and you are doing visual work in which you need to completely immerse yourself or be interested in everything that happens in the art world.”

Whatever your needs, be it reimagining classics or experimental claims, our knowledge and passion for art and design will inspire and complement any creative style. Jover’s process is to make two works collide when chance allows, a meaning that allows it to form in the imagination of anyone looking at the work of art. Ai Wei Wei is a fantastic artist whose work is interesting and inspiring. However, in the end, this does not idolize other artists working right now (as might with someone doing their history masters).

Hw formally studied commercial and graphic arts and received an advanced certificate in visual communication. His works have been acquired and included in interesting private, corporate and government collections around the world. He’s currently working on a series of drawings related to landscapes and places in the city.

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