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Franciszek Żmurko (18 July 1859, Lviv – 9 October 1910, Warsaw) was a Polish realist painter. Żmurko began drawing lessons as a young boy in his hometown taking into account the painter Franciszek Tepa. As an adolescent he relocated to Kraków to examination at the Academy of Fine Arts where he took lessons from Professor Jan Matejko. In 1877 Żmurko moved to Vienna, Austria where he was accepted at the Vienna Academy, but left soon thereafter to study under Alexander von Wagner in Munich. Żmurko returned to Kraków in 1880 and later moved to Warsaw in 1882 where he remained until his death in 1910.

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Franciszek Żmurko

Franciszek Zmurko (July 18, 1859, Lvov – October 9, 1910, Warsaw) was a Polish realist painter. Franciszek Zmurko (Lvov, July 18, 1859 – Warsaw, October 9, 1910) – Polish artist. Zmurko began drawing lessons as a boy in his hometown with the artist Franciszek Tepa. Zmurko was a realist painter, studied at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, and then worked and studied in Vienna and Munich.

Zmurko returned to Krakow in 1880, then moved to Warsaw in 1882, where he stayed until his death in 1910. Lots by artist Franciszek Zmurko are often sold 21 times in Polish auctions.

Zmurko, Franciszek 1859 Lemberg – 1910 Warsaw Jung Paulin in Tracht. As a teenager, he moved to Krakow to study at the Academy of Arts, where he took lessons from Jan Matejko. Franciszek Zmurko has held several exhibitions in galleries and museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MOCAK).

After studying at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Vienna and Munich, then returned to Poland and moved to Warsaw. Zmurko began painting as a boy, in his hometown, under the guidance of artists Tepa and Matejko. In 1877 Zmurko moved to Vienna, Austria, where he was admitted to the Vienna Academy, but soon afterwards left to study with Alexander Wagner in Munich.

Starting from the Warsaw pole (built in 1862, in which some of Zmurko’s works are preserved), we find ourselves in one of the oldest museums in Poland. Zmurko returned to Krakow in 1880, then moved to Warsaw in 1882 until his death in 1910. Francis Zek Zmurko is very famous among his contemporaries and was born in Lviv in 1859.

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In addition to a large collection of Polish art, Krakow is also home to the Krakow Icon Painting Studio with a large collection of views and photographs of the city.

Owner of the Warsaw Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, inv. Edward began studying art in 1852 with Thomas Shotter Boyes, a friend of his father’s. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design in 1880 and at the Paint and Clay Club in Boston in 1889. The German Baroque painter (1630–1666) was a Bavarian Baroque painter and a student of Rembrandt van Rijn. Jean Paul Selinger (1850–1909) and Emily Selinger (1848–1927), husband and wife, studied art in the summer at Glen House and Crawford House.

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