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Torsten Edvard Billman (6 May 1909 – 6 April 1989) was a Swedish performer who worked as a printmaker, illustrator, and buon fresco painter. He counts as one of the 20th century’s premier wood-engravers.

The poet Gunnar Ekelöf wrote not quite Torsten Billman: “To those, who bearing in mind the word art visualise large, magnificent, ‘striking’ canvases Torsten Billman doesn’t have not much to offer. His art serves the simple, neglected, homeless of existence. It features the fellows from the Nippon and extra ships, marked by the hard life in ports as skillfully as on board. His art shows the interiors of East End bars, where you get acquainted with the dark side of life. His art however isn’t any ‘social’ art of the arrogant, placarding feel there was suitably much of especially during the 1920s and 30s. It’s social, not in attitude or trend, but taking into consideration objectivity and revealing brusqueness in the human portrayal that sometimes seems approaching brutal – repulsive, but unfortunately true. Yet it’s, however always carried by compassion. Never by sentimentality. This involves a simple statement of: ‘Such is man’. But from the ravaged features, and the gout-ridden limbs stiff from be active there’s nevertheless a notion emanating of how man should look like and could look like.”

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Thorsten Edward Bielmann was a Swedish painter who worked as an engraver, illustrator and painter to the last degree. Thorsten Edward Bielmann (May 6, 1909 – April 6, 1989) was a Swedish painter who worked primarily as a graphic artist, book illustrator and a good fresco painter.

Western European artists also adopted social realism in the early 20th century, including the Italian painter and illustrator Bruno Caruso, German painters Kate Kollwitz (The Rape of Woman), George Gross (Teutonic Day), Otto Dix and Max Beckmann; Swedish artist Torsten Bielmann; Dutch artists Charlie Torop (The Friends Meal) and Pike Koch; French painters Maurice de Vlaminck, Roger de La Frene, Jean Fotrier and Francis Gruber, as well as Belgian painters Eugene Laermans and Constant Permeke. In Belgium, the earliest representatives of Socialist Realism are found in the works of 19th century artists such as Constantin Meunier and Charles de Grouse.

The Public Works of Art Project is a program to hire artists during the Great Depression. Many socialist realist artists were artists with socialist (but not necessarily Marxist) political views. As an American art movement fueled by New Deal art, social realism is closely related to American stage painting and regionalism.

As an American art movement, it is closely related to American stage painting and regionalism. Johan August Strindberg (January 22, 1849-May 14, 1912) was a Swedish playwright, writer, poet, essayist, and painter. He draws, paints, and uses graph tables, sailors, ports, and marines. George Edward Billman (July 23, 1954 -) is an American physiologist and professor at Ohio State University.

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