7 facts about Sally Morgan

Sally Jane Morgan (née Milroy; born 1951) is an Australian Aboriginal author, dramatist, and artist. Her works are on display in numerous private and public collections in Australia and around the world. Morgan has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Human Rights Prize for his 1989 biography of Aboriginal relative Jack McPhee Vanamurraganya. Morgan …

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Image of Franciszek Żmurko

This is Franciszek Żmurko

Franciszek Żmurko (18 July 1859, Lviv – 9 October 1910, Warsaw) was a Polish realist painter. Żmurko began drawing lessons as a young boy in his hometown taking into account the painter Franciszek Tepa. As an adolescent he relocated to Kraków to examination at the Academy of Fine Arts where he took lessons from Professor …

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Image of Vincenzo Volpe

7 facts about Vincenzo Volpe

Vincenzo Volpe (Grottaminarda, Campania December 14, 1855 – Naples, February 9, 1929) was an Italian painter. From 1874 to 1890, he painted mostly genre scenes. From 1891 to 1896, he concentrated on religious art, then returned to genre works and portraits. Vincenzo Volpe (December 14, 1855-February 9, 1929 [1]) was an Italian painter. The Italian …

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21 facts about Luis López Piquer

He is the son of Vicente López Portana and the brother of Bernardo López Picker; two famous artists. Thanks to his father’s influence, he was a “Pinto role model” for the court of Ferdinand VII, and at the age of 19 he was able to exhibit a painting (“Saint Peter and the Paralyzed”) at the …

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Who is David Bles?

David Bles (1821, The Hague – 1899, The Hague), was a 19th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands. According to the Netherlands Institute for Art History, at the age of thirteen Bles was adept enough to be in style at the Hague Academy. He attended classes from 1834 to 1837 and from 1838 to 1841. He …

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Image of Torsten Billman

24 facts about Torsten Billman

Torsten Edvard Billman (6 May 1909 – 6 April 1989) was a Swedish performer who worked as a printmaker, illustrator, and buon fresco painter. He counts as one of the 20th century’s premier wood-engravers. The poet Gunnar Ekelöf wrote not quite Torsten Billman: “To those, who bearing in mind the word art visualise large, magnificent, …

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Who is Hilde Goldschmidt?

Hilde Goldschmidt (7 September 1897 -7 August 1980) was a German expressionist painter and printmaker. Facing persecution under the Nazi regime she sought refuge in Britain during the Second World War since establishing herself in Austria in the 1950s. Goldschmidt was born in Leipzig into a middle-class Jewish family who had several artistic connections. The …

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