Who is Wáng Duó?

By Gwylym Owen

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Wang Duo (王鐸) (died 884), courtesy name Zhaofan (昭範), formally the Duke of Jin (晉公), was a Chinese politician of the medieval Tang Dynasty, serving as a chancellor during the reigns of Emperor Yizong and Emperor Yizong’s son Emperor Xizong. After the agrarian rebel Huang Chao captured the Tang capital Chang’an in 880 and provoked Emperor Xizong to flee, Wang was commissioned by Emperor Xizong to assistance as the unmodified commander of Tang forces in the central and eastern empire, effectively serving as viceroy in the same way as full imperial authorities to thing edicts, and Wang was instrumental in the various Tang maneuvers, including persuading Li Keyong and Zhu Quanzhong to link the Tang cause, in defeating Huang. In 884, on his showing off to his other post as the military governor (Jiedushi) of Yichang Circuit (義昌, headquartered in protester Cangzhou, Hebei), Le Congxun (樂從訓) the son of Le Yanzhen the military official of Weibo Circuit (魏博, headquartered in objector Handan, Hebei), enticed by the outfit of women that accompanied Wang, ambushed Wang and killed him, taking the women captive.

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