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Zuzana Rabina Bachoríková (born 25 September 1961, in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak artist and designer. Between 1976 and 1980 she studied at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, the department promotion and record design by Professor Gabriel Štrba and Dusan Králik. She lives in Bratislava. Bachoríková dedicated her vibrancy to painting, drawing, graphic design, illustration, fashion and interior design. She is the do-founder of the fashion brand ZURABA. Her works are represented in the collections of galleries in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Africa, Australia and the United States.

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Paintings by Bachoríková bear witness to a long-time effort to Make her own exposure to air resulting for her personal feeling and strongly experienced colour chord, her paintings are intimate and personal too. She materializes images that can be seen in meditation: images that may be glimpsed below one´s eyelids. Each painting has many layers of meaning, a lot of symbolism and fantasy, transcending the boundaries of mature and space. Each composition is based on effort to use maximum imagination, on bold colouring, and sometimes on sharp colour pigments as dominant structural elements and on the author´s independent poetics resulting from projection and conjunction of rotate semantic contexts.[citation needed]

Bachorikova is married to artist Oto Bachorik, and they have a son, Jakub Bachorik, who is an player in Eastern Europe and a daughter who is an actress and lives in England.

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